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The Knowledge Park covered in Arkitekten's article

A great article about Nina Lindegaard's work with Kunskapsparken - The Knowledge Park, in Lund in this Month’s Arkitekten. The question of how we should handle the increasing flows of stormwater in our urban environments is transforming the way we view public space, infrastructure and the relationship between them.

The challenge requires us to zoom out and approach the issue comprehensively to create public infrastructure that is enjoyable and accessible regardless of the season or the quantity of water stored at any given time. As MARTIN ARFALK mentions in the article, the increasing complexity of our profession is a creative challenge that provides the perfect opportunity to think outside of the box and dream of unexplored solutions.

Mandaworks collaborated with the municipality of Lund in 2015 to create the vision and development concept for the 170-hectare park in Brunnshög.

Read the whole article here.

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