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Visions for new urban district of Jägersro released

During the spring we have been participating in a parallel assignment process to develop a comprehensive vision for the new urban district of Jägersro in Malmö. This May, the final material was presented and the process has moved into the evaluation stage. Sveriges Arkitekter (The Swedish Association of Architects) has just published the material of the selected teams which you can find here.

We were one of three teams that worked simultaneously and in open dialogue with SMT Malmö Exploatering AB, representatives from Malmö stad, and industry experts to develop a proposal for the site. The process and evaluation are being coordinated by the Swedish Association of Architects.

The new Jägersro district will provide 5000 new homes, 1000 workplaces, two primary schools, preschools for 800 children, and a range of cultural and commercial program to support a lively and thriving mixed-use neighbourhood in Malmö's evolving periphery.

We are eagerly awaiting the results alongside our teammates Trivector Traffic and Starkstad, and wishing the best of luck to our colleagues Kanozi Arkitekter AB and FOJAB!

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