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Winners in Czechia!

Team MANDAWORKS have been announced winners of the landscape design competition to envision the future of Lake Milada in Northern Czechia. Our proposal “Living Landscape” was selected through a two-stage selection process, firstly as one of six pre-qualified international teams, and finally from the narrowed pool of three-second phase finalists. The competition was managed and organised by Palivový kombinát Ústí, s.p. and ONplan lab.

Originally the site of a large mine and quarry operation, Lake Milada is undergoing the process of reclamation and renaturalization. In 2020 an international design competition was launched to support the process and envision the future of the lake and 1000-hectare of surrounding landscape.

Our team’s winning proposal "Living Landscape" is organized around three core principles: living nature, living destination, and a living future; The strategies present a clear pathway to reclaim, strengthen, and celebrate the existing landscape while developing novel and exciting ways to experience the Lake and surrounding area.

The competition team is lead by Mandaworks with support from an international, multi-disciplinary group of consultants and experts: Tim Schnoor (Ekologigruppen), Jan Richtr, Kateřina Zímová, Květoslav Syrový, Linda Kovářová, Pavel Borecký.

Learn more about the project here.

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