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Stockholm, Sweden


12 ha 

Invited land use competition 

Assignment completed

Husab Bostad AB


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Nicholas Bigelow, Maria Gregorio, Andrei Deacu, Sara Ellert Ezeldin, Betty Laurincova, Linda Sofi Bäckstedt


The garden neighbourhood

Riddersvik is a landscape driven development plan for a residential suburb of Stockholm. The site is a former tree nursery and inherits a rich cultural landscape. The proposed plan utilises the area’s valuable landscape assets, proposes a diverse mix of housing typologies, and establishes a communally focused network of streets and pathways. Collectively the layers overlap, blossoming into a varied, adaptive and ecological garden neighbourhood.  


Through a sensitive reading of landscape and history the modern garden neighbourhood is enriched with a strong sense of place, community and identity. The plan delineates a pedestrian friendly network of neighbourhood streets and public spaces supported by a mix of housing typologies. To create a marriage between architecture and landscape the tight and intimate blocks are combined with small parks, playgrounds, allotment gardens, greenhouses, rain gardens, bicycle parking, and a micro square to create communal pockets within each community.

Tracing History

The lines of the tree nursery are preserved in the plan

1. Cultural landscape

2. The nursery lines

4. Distinct community blocks

3. Grid and circulation

7. Water management strategy

6. Focal points

8. Diverse and mixed neighbourhood!

5. Building heights

Layers of the plan

The layers combine history, landscape and community

Community Block

New and existing landscape infrastructure handles all stormwater needs

Modern garden city

Buildings and landscape work together

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