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Malmö, Sweden




6 ha


Detail planning process


Public and authority review (samrådsskede)


Jernhusen AB


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Sunna Pfeiffer, Andrei Deacu, Danny Bridson, Sara Ezeldin, Mariada Stamouli


Kanozi Architects, Malmö Municipality

Södra Nyhamnen

The Seven Pearls of Nyhamnen​

The city of Malmö is currently growing into the old harbour areas of Nyhamnen with housing, office space, commercial premises and a new courthouse planned by the train tracks right next to the Central Station. Bangårdsterrassen, a planned elevated balcony for pedestrians, will face the railway yard and offer new opportunities to create public places with a view, sunny location and close access to the old town via a coming bicycle bridge.


Mandaworks has together with the land owner Jernhusen developed a plan for a range of public spaces knitting the built structure into a unique new part of Malmö. As coordinators and design advisors within the detail planning process, we have developed a design strategy for public space: The Seven Pearls. It's based on the vision of a necklace of places with strong individual character that interact with their surrounding buildings in various ways, from a lusch green street park, a warm welcoming courthouse plaza to the colourful railway terrace. The intention is to create an attraction point that will gather both visitors and Malmö residents to meet and enjoy their city.


With playful visualizations Mandaworks has created a new image of the site's potential, in order to inspire and keep the project together through the process. The proposal is at the moment on public evaluation for detail plan.

Södra Nyhamnen Today

The site today includes regional rail lines and large industrial buildings

New heights for Malmö

The public spaces rise from the harbour edge to the hilltop of bangårdsterrassen

Bold and adventurous public rooms

The seven pearls ties together seven distinct architectural projects in a playful way

To see and to be seen

With a strong and colourful design, the terrace is displayed towards Central Malmö and arriving and departing trains

Layers of the Terrace

The elements of the terrace encourage sitting in the sun, people watching and looking out over the old City

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Playful lookout

Viewing platforms along Bangårdsterrassen provide lookout points over Malmö

EH-Bantorget 1_2500px.jpeg

Bantorget in the sun

The space in front of the courthouse is a great place to watch passersby over a coffee or lunch

Warm heart by the court

The plaza is designed to gather people and connect the existing buildings with the new public realm


Flows along court house

The south facing facade gives opportunity for look out and relaxing in the sun

Green Structure

An assortment of trees and plantings define rooms and create spaces along the promenade

EH-Bantorget 2_2500px.jpeg

Connecting civic buildings to public spaces

Bantorget serves as the public plaza that facilitates movement to the new courthouse entrance


Inviting street life

The terrace brings light to the main street with a colourful entrance to bike parking and stores

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