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Space Odyssey

Public Space in the 3rd dimension

Space Odyssey is a proposal for the transformation of Sundyberg’s city centre after the burial of its central railway line. The line has always been a barrier in the city’s urban structure and its burial can become a significant catalyst for urban life in the rapidly growing municipality of Sundbyberg. 


In the process of the project, we studied the existing needs of Sundbyberg, various programatic elements, and the surface area and volume required for the differing programatic contents. The resulting volumes take on a variety of shapes that can be attributed to their function, their sustainability performance requirements, and their atmospheric needs.


To develop the structure, the traditional order of buildings first - spaces later was challenged. With an intimate knowledge of Sundbyberg’s spatial needs and desires, the spaces are placed with the buildings moulding around the three dimensional voids. This working process yielded a dynamic urban fabric with unique variations in the housing fabric and a spatial marriage of public space, contextual qualities, and private development.


Sundbyberg, Sweden



21 ha (700 dwellings,

30,000 m2 other functions)


Invited ideation assignment 

Assignment completed - 2015


City of Sundyberg


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Andrei Deacu, Nicholas Bigelow, 

Danny Bridson, Maria Gregorio,

Chuhan Zhang

The shape of public life

By studying the surface area, volume and content of space a catalogue emerged

Sustainability + atmosphere

By prioritising public space dynamic opportunities arise

Spaces first!

Buildings are moulded around the needs of public program

Function makes form

Urban spaces take shape from their programmatic needs and desires

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