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Parklife Trnava

Parklife Trnava


2024: 1st Prize Two stage competition


Trnava, Slovakia

Site Size

135 ha


City of Trnava

Project Scope


Program & Themes

Mixed-Use Neighbourhood

Residential, commercial, education, mobility hubs

965.000m2 GFA

18 000 residents

55 ha Open & park Space

The proposal for Parklife introduces an innovative urban concept aimed at connecting the city of Trnava with nature while enhancing the quality of life for both current and future residents. At its core, Parklife envisions green infrastructure and natural elements as vital components of urban living.

Parklife represents a forward-looking vision for a neighbourhood accommodating over 18,000 residents. The urban design seamlessly integrates new developments with the existing urban fabric, avoiding the creation of isolated enclaves on the city's outskirts. This self-sustaining urban area offers a diverse range of housing options, including two schools, over a dozen kindergartens, and ample space for services, work, and commerce. By interconnecting these urban functions through a network of public spaces, Parklife fosters a vibrant mix of activities while ensuring easy access to daily necessities, thereby cultivating a comfortable neighbourhood characterised by short distances.

At the heart of the neighbourhood lies a central park and surrounding greenery spanning nearly 50 hectares. These natural features not only serve as focal points but also establish vital connections between the city and its surrounding landscape, aiding in climate change adaptation. Complementing the central park, a network of smaller green spaces with diverse landscape characters is proposed, enhancing accessibility to nature and integrating it into everyday life. These park areas provide residents with opportunities for active, sports, and leisure activities, fostering community engagement and support.

A key aspect of the Parklife proposal is the diversity of housing types it offers. From smaller-scale apartment buildings to urban housing and row houses, the range of typologies caters to various life situations and resident needs. Emphasising proximity to green areas and fostering community ties, this housing diversity enhances the neighbourhood's appeal, ensuring a broad spectrum of residents feel at home. Public spaces of varying sizes and functions, integrated into the neighbourhood's fabric, serve as venues for both intimate gatherings and large-scale urban events, contributing to an inclusive and lively urban environment.

A masterplan led by landscape integrates climate resilience and ecology into its urban fabric, laying a robust foundation for the future while remaining firmly rooted in Trnava's scale and character.