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Stockholm, Sweden



1.5 ha


Plan development - Commission


Assignment completed - 2017


Municipality of Järfälla


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Maria Gregorio, Elin Delmar, Alessandro Macaluso, Mariada Stamoul, Andrei Deacu

Tallbohov masterplan

Embracing the Landscape

The Tallbohov Masterplan is a proposal for a 250 unit residential development on a hilly and wooded 1.5 hectare plot in Järfälla, Sweden. The site has strategic importance for Järfälla as it is located in the centre of three existing and developing regional centres: Barkarbystaden, Veddesta and Jakobsberg.  Although an attractive development parcel, the site faces significant challenges to achieve urban qualities. The plot lies alongside the E18 highway and is characterised by a rolling and dense forested terrain. Further adding to the site’s complexity is a number of ancient building remains that must be preserved and integrated into the structure.


The proposed plan is a result of embracing the best and the most challenging aspects of the site. The backbone of the neighbourhood is formed through a continuous and protective built front alongside the adjacent highway, shielding the interior from noise and strengthening the undefined edge. Inside the protective wall, volumes twist out forming landscape rooms that accept the shifting topography and envelop the existing mixed forest. The new buildings snake around the topography and historic findings ensuring that the site’s landscape and history remain the dominant qualities of the hillside. 


The urban structure is characterised by collection of typologies including apartments, townhouses, row houses and a pre school. The brick and wood structures are embedded in the dense woodland, cultivating urban density and spaces at an appropriate and considerate scale. Finally, the neighbourhood connects back into it’s surrounding context through the placement of a preschool and row houses along Snapphanevägen, anchoring the corner, inviting in, and defining the street.

Generous architecture

A strong built edge gives back to the site and provides new life inside

A good neighbour

A preschool and row houses along Snapphanevägen redefine the corner and street

Rooms on the hillside

Twisting volumes define clear landscape rooms on the sloping terrain

Nature in structure and form

The urban structure preserves the hillside landscape while the building’s integrate through considerate materials and forms

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