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P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_


Tampere, Finland


2019 - 2020


40 ha


Two Stage Open Competition


4th prize


City of Tampere


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Maria Gregorio, Cyril Pavlu, Leslie Norris, Katerina Vondrova, Andrei Deacu, Francesca Savio

A 40 hectare masterplan to extend Tampere’s City centre to the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, through the combination of traditional and ‘sea side’ block structures.


South of Viinika Bay

Viinikanlahti is a 40-hectare industrial area located on the southern edge of Lake Pyhäjärvi, adjacent to Tampere’s City centre. In late 2019 the City of Tampere organised an open competition to masterplan the site, and Mandaworks was one of six teams selected into the second round. 


Our proposal SoBa, outlined our vision for the expansion of the historic city centre along the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The transformation of the industrial area carefully balances the needs of ecological, social, and economic dynamics to outline a natural and genuine extension of the City to the water’s edge.


By combining the visions of the traditional city block and a seaside village structure, we were able to propose a new typological hybrid, which defines space, yet reduces the scale and invites people in. The mix of typologies contained in the blocks offer a diverse platform for life, and an articulated public space network anchors attractive ‘third spaces’ where residents can enjoy the lakeside location. The blocks and buildings are sculpted and choreographed to create spaces that anchor the public realm in lively, sheltered pockets that are inviting in all seasons, acting as generators of social life and community gathering.


SoBa extends the vibrant downtown life of Tampere South of Viinikka Bay, using a dynamic harbour and corresponding waterfront squares at the heart of the neighbourhood as a catalyst for dynamic urban life. At the water’s edge, the urban fabric meets an extensive green coastline, providing new opportunities for people and wildlife to thrive. 

finland tampere.png

Seamless integration

 With an iconic and memorable harbour, thoughtfully articulated buildings that meet the landscape in sensitive and exciting ways, and a highly diverse and performative landscape, the elements in SoBa work in concert to create an extraordinary and unforgettable district that becomes far more than the sum of its parts.

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

The water square

The SoBa square acts as both an ecological activator, and a social gathering place, with a market hall and harbour restaurant that become embedded in the landscape, and seating edges and rocks that offer views to the waterfront.

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

The SoBa district

Fully built out, the structure of SoBa offers a diversity of blocks with unique internal pockets, as well as a strong connection to the coast and harbour.

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

SoBa Block

SoBa is developed with varying building heights that serve to block noise from the main street south of the district or to protect from wind, where buildings are taller, and open courtyards up to the sun where buildings are lower. Gentle slopes within courtyards and the park direct water towards vegetation and into depressions for infiltration. 

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

Canoe cove

Closely connected to the heart of the district, the canoe centre is a lively destination for boating enthusiasts and pedestrians alike, inviting people to engage with the water. 

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

Diverse coastline

Traditional block structures are cut, creating spaces off of the street that draw people in, serving as social gathering nodes as well as sheltered pockets that allow for interesting movement through blocks. New microclimates are created by taking advantage of buildings to block wind, and opening up cuts within the blocks where sun exposure is prime

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

Performative micro-space

Taking advantage of sunny, sheltered pockets, life thrives in the small connections nestled between buildings.

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_
P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

Vibrant ecological and social coast

By pulling the coast open, pockets are created along the length of the coast in which social and ecological life are given room to thrive. These pockets push out into the water, and pull into the district as well, establishing the coast as a space with varying thickness and program, tying land and water together in a more meaningful way. 

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

An evening by the water

Life on the SoBa waterfront is equally exciting at night, as the harbour and waterfront park become inviting spaces for an evening stroll. 

P0-148-1 Tampere Viinikanlahti Phase II_

Fusing life and ecology

Connections within the district and with the waterfront are established in a way that creates microclimates and exciting sheltered pockets for animal, plant, and human life to move seamlessly through the district.

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