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Tampere, Finland


246 ha


Masterplan - open competition


Open competition 1st prize - 2016 


City of Tampere


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk

Nicholas Bigelow,  Francesca Savio, Betty Laurincova


Schauman &  Nordgren Architects 

Hiedanranta Innovation Bay

A Bold Vision for a Resilient Lakefront District 

Tampere’s Central Region is growing rapidly. Currently home to 370,000 residents the population is expected to reach 480,000 by 2040. In anticipation of the growth, the City of Tampere acquired approximately 250 hectares of land 4.5 km south west of Tampere’s centre - Hiedanranta Bay. In 2016 Mandaworks, in collaboration with Schauman Nordgren Architects, participated and received first prize in the open competition to develop a comprehensive vision for the area. 

Embracing the circular economy and creative potential of Tampere, the masterplan catalyses innovation, embraces the future of smart manufacturing and creates a robust platform for public life. Hiedanranta Innovation Bay embraces the site’s industrial character and builds upon its foundation to create an urban district that supports new technologies, emerging business trends and local energy production. 

The resulting plan connects the proposed 1,8 million square meters in Hiedanranta to its surrounding context, creates the robust and qualitative public space structure required for an innovative and socially cohesive district to emerge, and encloses the resource flows of the bay. The plan’s development is built up through 3 strategic phases that take into account infrastructural investments, landfill into Lake Näsijärvi, and the growth of the city of Tampere.

The Innovation Spine

Integrates the site’s industrial heritage with Tampere’s innovation economy 

Masterplan 2040

The plan is structure by two public space spines 

The Recreation Spine

The grand canal combines public transport, recreation opportunities, and sunny waterfront spaces. 

A Sustainable Bay 

The bay is designed to support a circular economy and embrace Tampere’s sustainability goals

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