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Trencin, Slovakia


22 ha


Masterplan - Open Competition


Open Competition 1st Prize  - 2014

City of Trencin, Slovak Chamber of Architects

Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, Danny Bridson, Andrei Deacu, Carlos Dias, Maria Gregorio, Chuhan Zhang

Hosper Sweden

Tracing Trenčín

Reconnecting a city to its riverfront

Over the last 80 years the historic city of Trenčín has slowly turned its back to its central waterway - the River Váh. Tracing Trenčín is a vision to reconnect the the city to its riverfront while outlining a development strategy that sensitively blends the old and new urban structures.


The Trenčín’s levees form a vital protective barrier from the wide and flowing River. The engineered river banks provide security, but little else to the inhabitants. Tracing Trenčín transforms the uninviting levee edges to a soft, pliable and programmed river landscape, twisting the hard shoreline to open up new opportunities on both sides of the protective levee walls. The new river landscape embraces the natural flows of the river, carving out a resilient public space network that can flood, drain and remain usable. 


The connecting landscape reaches out on both sides of the river, inviting the city to grow to meet the river edge. The sensitive urban structure binds historic city to transformed riverfront - to the benefit of both. 


The River Váh is engineered and controlled

River seeks city

Revitalizing the natural character of the River Vah

City meets river

The river connects to the city

Two riversides

Two sides with distinct identities

Two riversides, one city

The two riverfronts are connected by a new pedestrian and bike bridge

City meets River

The river connects to the city

River seeks City

Revitalizing the natural character of the River Vah

The Levee Landscape

View towards the historic city centre from the transformed Levee edge

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