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Uppsala, Sweden




107 ha




Ongoing assignment


Uppsala Municipality


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk,

Maria Gregorio Puig, Mariada Stamouli, Sara Ellert Ezeldin, Katerina Vondrova, Cyril Pavlu, Suzete Timba, Alessandro Macaluso, Suzanne Bergvall,

Elin Delmar, Pia Kante


Warm in the Winter

Ulleråker Masterplan

A landscape sensitive development plan

Ulleråker, located just south of Uppsala’s city centre, is one of Sweden’s largest development projects. The vision for the 100 hectare development parcel is to one day become an integrated, climate smart, urban neighbourhood that will house 7000 new units along with associated urban services. Positioned between two universities and adjacent to large, thriving pine forests of the 17th century, a 19th century hospital building and vast recreational landscapes the area has tremendous intrinsic qualities to build around. 


Mandaworks, in close collaboration with project partners Warm in the Winter and Uppsala Municipality, have developed a reorganised structural plan established on the values of strong and clear public space networks, green mobility options, climate optimised urban blocks and water sensitive urban design. The project team inherited a block structure from previous planning work, with the task to connect to and enhance existing landscape systems, optimise densities, maximise the quality of public spaces, seamlessly integrate transit infrastructure and protect important groundwater recharging cycles. Alongside the design work, the team has developed extensive material for public consultation and engagement. Producing a comprehensive, updatable 1:600 3D printed model, immersive VR and AR architectural renderings, and clear documentation detailing the intentions, logics and overall vision of the neighbourhood from the strategic to the detail level including masterplan, design manuals and detailed studies


The Ulleråker development site lies alongside the Fyrisån River. The River and its surrounding landscape is one of Sweden’s most important groundwater recharging areas. The optimised structure reprioritises this vital ecosystem service, and proposes an urban structure that rebalances densities in order to maximise open space and ground water infiltration where possible. The parks, public spaces and streetscapes work together to create an attractive urban environment, efficient mobility options, but also are the key elements of an integrated network of specific stormwater management solutions.


Retain and activate historical assets

Existing buildings with high historical value, like the Hospital building, are kept and are transformed into active hubs.


New tram route

A new tram line directly connects Uppsala center with the site and Ulleråker becomes a natural extension of the city.


Connect to the existing structure

Historical connections to the surrounding areas tie the southern part of the city with Uppsala’s city centre.


Diverse public spaces

New diverse public spaces are formed along the areas central spine, complementing the existing parks.


Landscape links

Wide local park connections preserve valuable landscape and connect to important regional green structures.


East-west connections

Anchored to the new public spaces, east-west connections strengthen the neighbourhoods relationship with its context.

P01-078 Ulleraker_Plan 5000_LR.png

Structure plan

The plan is built around the qualities of the existing building stock and Uppsala’s peripheral landscape, with a clear block structure that strongly defines public spaces, yet opens up to green spaces and facilitates important internal connections. The strategic plan for Ulleråker clearly highlights and organises the vital aspects of the structure, and proposes a comprehensive vision for how they will work together.

P01-078 Ulleraker_Image EH 03_LR.jpg


Along Ulleråkersvägen the development meets the existing buildings that surround Lindparken. The new buildings step down in scale and open up to meet the scale and character of the historical campus.

P01-078 Ulleraker_Diagram Concept 07.png

The connecting structure

The new structure connects the existing public spaces and buildings and creates new diverse meeting points.

P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Plan_LR.png

Sequence of public spaces along the tram line

The new tram line is supported by appropriate built density and a sequence of public spaces that preserve pockets of landscape within the urban structure.

P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Lyri
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Lyri
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Lyri
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Lyri

Landscape leads the way

The design for Lyrikparken is designed to prioritise retention of the existing landscape and its associated ecosystems services.

P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Image Aerial
P01-078 Ulleraker_Image EH 04_LR.jpg



P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Poet
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Poet
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Poet
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Poet

Urban landscape

In Poetens Torg a cluster of tall pines are preserved and provide the square with a strong local character. The square steps down towards its edges forming a playful urban landscape for the residents and visitors.

P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Image Aerial
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Ving
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Ving
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Ving
P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Diagram Ving

Collecting public life

Vinghästtorget is the central square in Ulleråker. Surrounded by public and commercial program and served by the tram, the square is the magnetic destination point in the neighbourhood.

P01-078-1 Ulleraker Etapp 1_Image Aerial
P01-078 Ulleraker_Image EH 01_LR.jpg



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