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Varberg, Sweden


41 ha


Masterplan - Invited Competiton





Varberg Municipality


Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven,

Danny Bridson, Alessandro Macaluso, Sunna Pfeiffer, Mariada Stamouli


Adept Architects


Masterplan for coastal canal district

The city of Varberg, Sweden is in the process of undertaking a massive transformation of its industrial waterfront. The town is simultaneously moving its industrial harbour, burying its central rail line in a tunnel and masterplanning for a new waterfront city district. In Late 2016 Mandaworks and Adept Architects were invited to develop a progressive vision for the future of Varberg’s harbour.


The industrial harbour is an exception along Varberg’s beautiful and naturalised coastline. The site is surrounded by sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and deep inland forests. The Västerport plan proposes to repair the fragmented coastline by opening up the hard industrial harbour with public water spaces, intimate canals, and a civic scale waterfront park.


The plan structure grows naturally from the existing grid, maximising connections back into the city and over the Varberg tunnel. The planned train station receives a prominent position in the plan, with view lines to the historic Varberg castle, the town centre and out to the sea. Travellers and visitors to Varberg will be greeted by the Town’s characteristic landmarks and landscape, combining Varberg’s natural and cultural identity with its new coastal frontside. 

A contextual approach

The harbour is rooted in its context by a coastal green link, extending the city out and inviting the water in

Repairing the Shoreline

A strong public link is formed between Varberg’s south and north coasts

Extending the City

The existing city structure meets the harbour with a collection of connections and spaces

Varberg meets the sea

The new development embraces the sea and its potentials!

Neighbourhood Canals

Rain water collecting canals are connected through a series of interior play spaces

Connecting landmarks and waterfront

The new structure makes connections to the Varberg’s historic castle and the shoreline

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