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Linköping, Sweden



26.7 ha


Masterplan - Commission 


Plan Development Ongoing


City of Linköping


Patrick Verhoeven, Martin Arfalk, Nicholas Bigelow, Andrei Deacu, Sevasti Gektidou, Maria Gregorio, Chuhan Zhang

Vikingstad East 

A Village Embracing Its Cultural Landscape

Vikingstad East is built on a concept to create one connected development with a strong cultural landscape identity.  The plan is structured around two structuring elements. The first element is a central East-West axis in the form of the city park.  Around the park, the plan is defined by a dense village character and along its edges the school, the kindergarten and compact dwellings create a lively village green.  Within the park the existing Österleden promenade connects the neighbourhood to the city centre and the existing school and creates a safe pedestrian environment.


A second key element is the north-south blue-green connection that utilises the existing ditches within the site to create an open stormwater system. This system links together the cultural landscape and forms an ecological focal point for the development.  The pathways function to link together three public parks, the school, and the housing areas into a safe pedestrian connection. Additionally, the connection engages Bankebergsvägen through the creation of an entrance square.  Here traffic is slowed and buildings are lifted to the street height to form an inviting village entrance.

Toward the Sustainable Village

The plan’s public spaces are designed to promote cycling, community activities, and sustainable stormwater management

Enjoy the Cultural Landscape

The main public park takes in the Österleden Promenade, a future kindergarten, and the planned school

Qualitative Village Living

The diverse built and landscape structures are married together

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