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Leading with design

Design is our tool for positive change. We're passionate about using design to tackle complex challenges and provide clarity of purpose. We welcome design in all its scales and forms, excelling in early-stages to forge robust concepts and guide the vision to successful completion. We embrace our responsibility to create meaningful change in the communities we serve, from public furniture design to comprehensive urban transformations.

With each project, we seize the opportunity to innovate and contribute, respecting and nurturing the unique design journey of each assignment. This approach has attracted opportunities worldwide, enabling us to share our expertise across Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Design with generosity

We work across boundaries, collaborating with different disciplines, sectors, and partners to create distinctive designs. Our involvement in diverse international projects reflects our commitment to lifelong learning and curiosity. Our relationships with clients, co-designers, and stakeholders are integral to this process, offering valuable insights and guidance while cultivating ownership among all involved.

As designers shaping urban environments, we recognize that our responsibilities extend beyond individual project sites. Each intervention adds to a broader mosaic, and we aim to introduce clarity, openness, and generosity within our urban and natural environments.

Design for beauty

Our commitment to craftsmanship, functionality, and durability is at the core of our work. We find fulfilment in crafting designs that address ecological and social challenges while enhancing well-being. We prioritise beautiful designs because people connect with beauty. Thoughtful and aesthetic design brings joy, pride, and a sense of identity to our spaces and neighbourhoods.

Beautiful design encompasses visual, sensory, and artistic appeal, evoking emotion and leaving a lasting impression. It is resilient, robust, and long-lasting. We design everything with consideration for materiality, comfort, and climate.

Mandaworks is an international landscape architecture and urban design studio founded by partners Martin Arfalk and Patrick Verhoeven and managed alongside Associate partners Danny Bridson and Sunna Pfeiffer. Established in Sweden in 2010, Mandaworks has since expanded to include locations in Shanghai and Montreál.


Our team comprises an international blend of landscape architects, urban planners, and architects, all sharing a passion for design and its transformative impact on our landscapes, places, and cities.

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