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Adept Architects


2014: 1st Prize Invited Competition

2016: Released for public consulation

2017: Nominated for the Swedish Planning Prize


Stockholm, Sweden

Site Size

15 ha


City of Stockholm

Project Scope


Design Guidelines

Public Space Design

Program & Themes

Mixed-Use Neighbourhood

2000 Homes

Commercial, service & Cultural program

Integration of Energy Infrastructure

Kolkajen is a neighbourhood situated on the historic grounds of the Stockholm Gasworks, that served the city for nearly a century. It's part of the Royal Seaport, one of Europe's largest and most ambitious development projects, facilitating Stockholm's transition to a fossil fuel-free future across a 240-hectare district.

Situated on the shoreline, Kolkajen connects the Seaport to Stockholm's waterways, providing a network of public spaces that celebrate their waterfront context. The community is defined by diverse housing and public space typologies that welcome visitors from all over Stockholm to enjoy the revitalised waterfront.

At the heart of Kolkajen lies the water arena, providing a natural extension to the water for the cultural gasworks located to the west. It features a generous south-facing public balcony out into the water, complemented by terraces, plazas, and floating platforms, encouraging people down to the water's edge. At the centre of the water arena, the historically and culturally significant Pump House Building is preserved and reimagined, serving as a social focal point.

The preserved historical shoreline, once integral to the Gasworks facilities, is transformed into a canal and linear park space, connected to the water arena. Opposite the shoreline a constructed island expands the neighbourhood out into the water, offering more land for housing near the Ropsten Subway station, and enhancing the public space network and connectivity.

The neighbourhood's urban form comprises varied, compact closed blocks, that respond to their surrounding spaces. Taller buildings along the water arena provide spectacular waterfront views, while smaller-scale homes along the canal and park areas create a cosy community atmosphere. Floating student housing on the northern edge of the island contributes to the variety of housing options and invites a broader demographic into the community.

Transforming an industrial brownfield site, the Kolkajen neighbourhood invites Stockholmers to experience and enjoy the Royal Seaport’s reclaimed shoreline.