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Construction Drawings: Ramboll 

Art: David Svensson 

Photographs: Anthony Hill


2013: Project Start 

2015: Project Built


Malmö, Sweden

Site Size

0.3 Ha


City of Malmö

Project Scope

Public Space design

Program & Themes

Pocket Park

Bespoke Furniture Design

Art Integration

Towards the road, the pocket park reveals its charm with vegetation beds adorned with shrubs and plants. On the flip side, an active urban square comes to life. The square's composition finds unity in the presence of four Kebony wood sculptures strategically placed to double as functional seating installations. 

Along the water, the space connects one of the city's tallest residential towers with the historic Rörsjö Canal through an inviting stairway that descends to the water's edge. Among these wooden sculptures, a notable feature includes the grand wooden stairway strategically rotated to face the sun. This design serves as a functional element and beckons people to engage with the water in a new way, creating interaction between the people of Malmö and their historic canal. Crafted from sustainably sourced Kebony wood, the bespoke furniture exemplifies place-specific craftsmanship. The bench design embraces the unique triangular forms of each piece, shaping a dynamic wooden landscape for sitting, climbing, lying, and playing. These furnishings introduce a cohesive family of elements to the space, reinforcing its distinct identity. 

Adding an extra layer of cultural richness, Slussplan incorporates the artistic vision of Malmö artist David Svensson. Inspired by maritime history and aesthetics, Svensson's artwork complements the waterside ambience. His creations become an integral part of the design, weaving a narrative that celebrates the intersection of art, history, and spatial design.

Located along Östra Förstadsgatan, a vital urban artery connecting Malmö's town centre to the eastern district of Värnhem, Slussplan's triangular plot serves as a critical junction. The design for the space divides the plot into two distinct sides.

Slussplan is an urban oasis on a narrow triangular plot along Malmö's historic Rörsjö Canal. Enriched with lush greenery, bespoke urban furniture, and public art, it invites people to stay and engage with the water in ways they couldn't before.